Delta Executor Not Injecting Problem Fix 2024

When players use Roblox executor and Exlopits games, they sometimes encounter issues and errors. It may ruin the player’s mood and attention to the game.

Our some users also facing issues using Delta Executor which is “Not Injection”. In this article, I solve all of the issues regarding this problem that encountered by users using the Delta app. Many users facing while using Scripts, adding keys etc.

How to Fix Delta Exploit Not Injecting Problem

You just follow our given steps to solve this tiny issue in your app:

  • First, Reinstall Delta Executor app from our website:;
  • After installing, open the app and check or again the Injecting error;
  • If you again see this issue, then open the Configure options in the side panel;
  • In configure, you open the “Fixes” option in it and open it.
  • In the Fixes option, Click on “Install Dependencies”;
  • Here you see a pop-up message on the screen saying, “Make sure to press ‘Start Fix’ on the message that opens;
  • Now click “OK” button, and a new window you see;
  • Here, you click on the “Start Fix” option;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and do it;
  • Now, you relaunch the app and the error “Not Injecting” is gone.Not Injecting delta app
  • Now, it’s working and enjoy your game guys.

Fixing the Not Injecting Problem in the Delta Executor app is easy, but sometimes, some users face issues or don’t know about it. So, this guide help you and also them to tackle this issue.

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